Live Project Training Course in Android with Job Placement

Why Live Project Training Android?

Android is a mobile operating system using which one can develop applications for mobile devices. There is a great demand for Android phones in the global market. There are great employment opportunities waiting for skilled Android developers today.  More than 60% of mobile phone users across the world today are Android mobile users. The day by day increasing demand is creating the need for professional Android developers in the market. Hence this indicates the wide scope of opportunities available in the present scenario for an Android programmer.

Moreover, there are fairly high salaries given to an Android developer even as a fresher. Even a beginner can earn something around INR 3-5 lakh per annum which is possible to get in other software fields only when two to three years of experience have been achieved. The final year project can play an important role in the starting phase of an individual when he/she is looking for a job with no previous experience of real-time work.

In this case, if you have completed Android Training, there are better chances for you to score a job at a reputed company than any other fresher who has no previous experience in Android development.

Interested to enroll now or have any questions? Just email us on or visit our Nityam Webtech Training center located in Rajkot. We offer online android classes also for those who want to learn from home.